7 MAGAZINE LOCKDOWN 7 MAGAZINE is a Lyon based magazine that focuses on the 7 deadly sins and their presence in art and culture. During the covid pandemic and third consecutive lockdown in France, they asked me to create a series of illustrations for social media.


ODESSA COMPTOIR SOFT OPENING Odessa Comptoir was faced adversity in the form of a fire. But from the ashes emerged a renewed spirit, celebrated through a soft opening that welcomed back cherished patrons for which I designed the visuals.


GLASSHOUSE Step into the vibrant world of Glasshouse, a Bristol-based collective that resonates with creative energy. As the creator of these visuals, I embarked on a journey to encapsulate the essence of Glasshouse’s artistic vibrancy and collaborative ethos.

“IKEA” University manual

The «IKEA» man. During my time at Lyon 3 University, I undertook a significant project – crafting an insightful ‘guide’ tailored for incoming students. The objective was clear: demystify the degree, streamline the registration process, and offer a glimpse of its potential pathways. Embracing my signature minimalist approach, I delved into the challenge with a …

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