SEAHEAD SEAHEAD is a non profit organisation aiming to organise water sport events that are respectful of the environment. 2023 Branding Brand identity A unique and efficient logo that combines the three aspects of the project: Water sports, eco-friendliness, the earth. More projects Contact


J-WELD J-WELD is a welding business based in Newport, South Wales. I designed a new logo for them. 2021 Branding Expertise : Creation of brand identity. More projects Contact


BÜFÉ BÜFÉ is a wine bar/restaurant based in Lyon. They wanted a modern logo with a vintage feel. 2022 Branding Content creation Expertise : Creation of brand identity and content creation. More projects Contact


SYNTH ETHIQUE RECORDS SYNTH ETHIQUE RECORDS is an underground techno label based in Lyon,France. They needed a logo and content creation. 2023 Branding Content creation Brand identity A solid, recognisable logo. Inspired by brutalist architecture. Expertise : Creation of a. brand identity for a techno label. More projects Contact


PIQUETTE WINE LABEL Creating labels for PIQUETTE, a light wine (3.5% alcohol) made from the second press of the raisins. 2023 Merchandising Expertise : Merchandising. More projects Contact


ODESSA COMPTOIR ODESSA COMPTOIR is a wine bar/restaurant in Lyon. I have been their graphic designer for the past 3 years. Designing menus, merchandise, and creating social media content. 2022 Merchandising Content creation Illustration Pulse wine labels Creation of illustrations for wine labels. Social media content T-SHIRT design Using the renowned shop front to design …

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