Introducing SYNTH ETHIQUE RECORDS, the dynamic techno label hailing from Lyon, France. Steeped in the world of industrial and hard-hitting techno, their signature sound reverberates with raw intensity. As the creative force behind their logo, I channeled this fierce energy into a design that draws inspiration from the unforgiving beauty of brutalist architecture.

In crafting the logo, I sought to capture the essence of their music – unapologetically brutal and monumental. Much like the imposing structures of brutalist design, the logo exudes a sense of power and solidity, echoing the label’s sonic identity. With each pixel, I transformed sound into sight, creating a visual monument that stands as a testament to SYNTH ETHIQUE RECORDS’ uncompromising sound.

This logo isn’t just an emblem; it’s a sonic journey translated into visual form. It’s a symbol that resonates with those who understand the language of intense and unrelenting techno, a testament to the label’s commitment to pushing boundaries and carving their niche in the music landscape.