Introducing SEA’HEAD, a non-profit association with a mission: to orchestrate water sports competitions that harmonize with the environment. As the creative mind behind the project’s logo, I embarked on a journey to capture its core values – water sports, progress, and a deep commitment to Earth’s well-being.

Translating these values into a visual language was a challenge I embraced wholeheartedly. With each stroke, I distilled the essence of water sports, innovation, and environmental respect into a refined, simplified form. The resulting logo encapsulates these pillars, intertwining them seamlessly into a single emblem.

This logo isn’t just a graphic – it’s a testament to the fusion of passions and principles that drive SEA’HEAD. By visualizing these values, I’ve contributed to a symbol that resonates with water enthusiasts, conservationists, and those who believe in the power of progress with a conscience.

The SEA’HEAD logo stands as a beacon of the association’s ethos, inviting all who share its vision to dive into a world where sports, advancement, and a sustainable Earth coexist in harmony.

Logo concept

Brand content