Enter the enchanting realm of Odessa Comptoir, an iconic natural wine bar nestled in the vibrant heart of Lyon. Before becoming their dedicated graphic designer, I was a regular patron, drawn to its charm and ambiance. It swiftly claimed a special place in my heart, becoming the go-to spot for every cherished occasion with family and friends.

Situated in the picturesque pentes de la Croix-Rousse, the bar’s façade is adorned with wooden panels, painted in a serene blue, bearing the word ‘ODESSA.’ This visual hallmark has become a recognizable beacon for locals. When tasked with designing T-shirts, my creative journey naturally gravitated toward this very symbol.

The T-shirt designs are an ode to the essence of Odessa Comptoir. They encapsulate the sense of community, warmth, and familiarity that the bar emanates. Each brushstroke and design element is a tribute to the bar’s visual identity, a wearable piece of its soul that patrons can proudly sport. By translating this iconic feature into wearable art, I’ve contributed to the threads that weave the spirit of Odessa Comptoir into daily life, making each moment feel like a special celebration.

The design