Discover LOKO, the vibrant Lyon-based brand offering a delightful twist on drinkable yogurt. Recognizing a void in the local market for top-tier yogurts, LOKO’s mission revolves around delivering a delectable, health-conscious, and environmentally conscious choice in drinkable yogurts.

The essence of LOKO is encapsulated in its logo, an artistic fusion of clouds that evoke lightness, nature, and serenity, harmoniously blended with the visual charm of cow patches. These elements are a nod to the use of locally sourced cow’s milk, reflecting both freshness and locality. As the creative force behind the logo, I infused this emblem with the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

At LOKO, every sip embodies a journey through nature’s goodness and wholesome indulgence. By transforming the concept into an impactful logo, I’ve contributed to the visual identity of a brand that stands for taste, health, and environmental responsibility.


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