Introducing La Clef Savoyarde – an Airbnb concierge service based in the picturesque city of Aix-Les-Bains, nestled within the historic Savoie region of France. Once an independent territory until 1860, the enduring heritage of Savoie remains a defining aspect.

At the heart of this venture lies a strong emblem, the revered Savoie ‘badge,’ a symbol deeply ingrained in French culture. Tasked with crafting a meaningful brand identity, I merged this emblem with the classic key, a universal symbol of access and security. The result is a logo that speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to heritage, service, and seamless experiences.

This logo isn’t just an image – it’s a bridge between tradition and modernity. It signifies the union of two recognizable symbols, forming a powerful representation of La Clef Savoyarde’s dedication to curated guest experiences. With each design element, I aimed to encapsulate the company’s ethos and embody the essence of a region’s history, while looking toward the future of personalized hospitality.

Logo concept